Out of Site, Out of Mind 3.0 is a hybrid work that combines my material practice, studio documentation, and written excerpts from my graduate thesis project through an interactive hypertext platform. I chose to use hypertext as a way of bringing in the reader as a user that could interact with a document whose material integrity is in flux. Perhaps one day it will not be accessible and could potentially bear marks of migration—as with the installation of paper panels depicted in this work— adding layers of physical remembrance, memory, to the object’s form. Memories and experiences are layered into our relationships with objects and within spaces. I am presently exploring the materiality of surface, and the role it plays as an object and within site. This iteration of the work is intended to offer  a deeper access into the process and production of the material installation.

 Out of Site, Out of Mind remains an on-going project and will continue to be developed as new components and layers are completed and updated.

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